Tea time

There’s been a lot going on health wise and more..more on all that in a happenings post. But always good for rest and relaxation is a good cup of tea.
(Not to mention health benefits. ) Newport Skinny tea is at it again with some sales and promotions. Most recently a “sparkle sale”.
What I’m really excited about is their new cocoa tea. Some info from them:
“The delicious flavors of Newport Skinny Tea
in a brewable tea made from roasted cocoa beans
you can brew this tea in a coffee maker or a tea infuser
Give gentle long-lasting energy with no crashes
Suppresses appetite
Highest known antioxidant ORAC rating of any food
Traps dietary fat and suppresseRoasted Cocoa beans
Peppermint Leaf:
Kokum Fruit:
Anise Star Fruit:
Cinnamon Bark:
Stevia Leaf:
It tastes like minty hot chocolate with no calories and no sugar
it has the consistency and richness of coffee,
its really unlike any beverage we’ve tried before
It contains theobromine like tea, not caffeine like coffee,
and it does not contain the same type of acids as coffee either,
people who can’t drink coffee generally can drink cocoa bean tea
without any issues, but if you are unsure start with a small amount
and monitor your reactions.s production of fat cells
Soothes digestive tract and suppresses cravings
Satisfies sugar cravings with stevia
If you love Hot Chocolate you will love this tea!!!”

So anyway I’m pretty excited about this. I should have my sample soon and them be sure to look for my review and giveaway in the up coming weeks!