Happenings 2/22

Well, this will be my first post at age 35. While things aren’t the easiest right now, I’m happy to be here. More on my birthday later.
I had my cardiologist follow up a little over a week ago. Now mind you I mentioned nothing about running, my primary reason to go there was to go over my 30 day event monitor. We walk in and he says “so sorry about running, I know you were mad” (see do no harm post from early fall/late summer). “Running is bad for you. Healthy guys they go run marathons and die. Bad for knees. (Picture this in thick Japanese accent). Jogging ok 5k maybe 10k but anymore more for Olympians ok”. Ok man we aren’t even here for that. I jog/walk/run 5ks when I can during treatment and I have no urge to discuss my post Lyme remission running plans with this guy. Ok so he asks about my erratic heart rate. I tell him still while I sleep. “So maybe we get 30 day monitor”. Hello that’s why we’re here. We tell him we did this and it’s like him pulling teeth to find results. After he does it just shows more sinus arrhythmia which is normal for my age. Long story short I will be getting a different monitor and I just finished up the at home sleep study he ordered. That was a pain in the tush.
Next up on the doctor front. Need to schedule EEG and MRI for neuro. It finally was approved by insurance but we’re running out of time here and trying to squeeze all this in while hubby is going through a busy work period is proving difficult. Then I’ll have a cardio follow up, a neuro follow up and one last Lyme doc visit in April.
How have I been feeling? Well after my ER visit I was doing really bad. The fatigue was unbearable and the nausea even worse. I also developed some canker sores including one on my tongue that made eating near impossible. Thank God for the extra long weekend because I couldn’t get off the couch really from Thursday-Monday when I felt a little better. Why was this? Who knows? Stress, not going out of town in a month, who knows. Finally on Presidents’ Day the nausea let up a bit and I said ok let’s do something. So I put on my seabands and we went to a festival up in Kernville.

I continued to improve after that finally able to get back out on my walks. That’s another thing that may of set me off, I was trying to walk every day instead of every other. I was able to do chores and enjoy my birthday.
We decided to head up to Kennedy Meadows area to find a little hike. I packed my knee brace, some snacks and NUUN and we went off. On the way we stopped at a small general store, pet a couple puppies talked to a fellow Pats fan and spoke withy the owner of the store. She told us we could find the Pacific Crest Trail off of the campground. Having just read Wild by Cheryl Strayed I was excited. As we set off I was reminded I have a long way to go to regain my physical fitness that Lyme disease has hindered. I listened to my body, took sips of NUUN and rested when I had to. I’ll get back some day to the hiking that I used to enjoy… Strenuous jaunts that included trails where hands were needed or if it seemed to easy I’d jog… Anyway the reward at the end of trail was a beautiful footbridge. I love being outdoors with the family.


Next up running wise? We’re still debating doing the Coaster Run at Knottsberry farm. But first I plan on signing up for Team Sparkle Run for Rhett virtual 5k. Rhett syndrome is a a disorder (not genetic) that mainly affects young girls. It’s a neurological disorder that severely impacts the way they can speak, walk, eat etc. I have no idea what these young ladies go through but having neuro Lyme I know a bit sometimes how it is to feel trapped in your own body. Registration ends tomorrow (2/24) so I urge you to sign up. You can run, walk, roll this whenever until mid April.

Last up: and the winner is: Nicole Cepaitis. Please email: info@newportskinnytea.com do claim your prize. Just reference Valerie @flowingthroughthefight.com

Until next time💚

Tea time

There’s been a lot going on health wise and more..more on all that in a happenings post. But always good for rest and relaxation is a good cup of tea.
(Not to mention health benefits. ) Newport Skinny tea is at it again with some sales and promotions. Most recently a “sparkle sale”.
What I’m really excited about is their new cocoa tea. Some info from them:
“The delicious flavors of Newport Skinny Tea
in a brewable tea made from roasted cocoa beans
you can brew this tea in a coffee maker or a tea infuser
Give gentle long-lasting energy with no crashes
Suppresses appetite
Highest known antioxidant ORAC rating of any food
Traps dietary fat and suppresseRoasted Cocoa beans
Peppermint Leaf:
Kokum Fruit:
Anise Star Fruit:
Cinnamon Bark:
Stevia Leaf:
It tastes like minty hot chocolate with no calories and no sugar
it has the consistency and richness of coffee,
its really unlike any beverage we’ve tried before
It contains theobromine like tea, not caffeine like coffee,
and it does not contain the same type of acids as coffee either,
people who can’t drink coffee generally can drink cocoa bean tea
without any issues, but if you are unsure start with a small amount
and monitor your reactions.s production of fat cells
Soothes digestive tract and suppresses cravings
Satisfies sugar cravings with stevia
If you love Hot Chocolate you will love this tea!!!”

So anyway I’m pretty excited about this. I should have my sample soon and them be sure to look for my review and giveaway in the up coming weeks!


Cyber Monday tea Giveaway and Malibu Beach Beauty Tea Review

Newport Skinny tea/Malibu beach beauty tea has posted awhile back that they were looking for bloggers to receive samples and review their products. I jumped at the chance. I’m really looking to incorporate various natural/healthy products on the blog. I shared my story with the founder of the company and she shared that she had overcome some health issues using holistic means so she was excited as I was for this partnership.
So this tea contains various herbs that “stimulate your body’s natural energy pathways and detoxification systems” (from their insert). This really intrigued me because as a Lyme fighter we are huge into detox. Our bodies are fighting this illness and the toxins need an exit. I had noticed my skin getting oily in treatment process.I will say that I saw a difference after a couple cups. I will definitely keep this products in mind the closer I am to being lyme free.
So how’s it taste? It’s yummy as I expected. I love tea, especially since wine is on the back burner during treatment. This is a loose leaf tea. I do have an infuser on my Christmas list but for this taste test I used loose leaf filler bags purchased for about 6 or 7 dollars on Amazon. Getting back to the flavor, it has a very light licorice taste (nothing harsh I’m not black licorice fan by any means and I dug it), there is a lot of dimension to it but overall I found it to be an uber pleasant green tea. I added some local honey and some lemon to mine for additional flavor and to help the sore throat I had at the time. I would definately recommend this because it’s yummy, different (not your boring diner tea) and will help your skin woes.
So the giveaway . I’m going to keep it simple the first time. All you have to do is: 1.like this post and 2.either leave your email here or shoot me an email @valmyette21@hotmail.com. (The emails will only be shared to the company who will use it to send you coupon codes, updates and news). Entries will be received until Saturday and,I’ll have my little guy draw a name from a hat and the winner will be announced by midnight PT on Cyber Monday.
In the mean time you can check out Malibu Beach Beauty tea on http://www.NewportSkinnytea.com. Best of luck everyone and Happy Thanksgiving.


Free Tea Samples anyone??

So my happenings post like much of yesterday didn’t work out so well. I’ll try and get it done later. The review of Malibu Beach beauty tea will be shortly thereafter along with a giveaway. In the mean time check this out:

There will be a free sample of the beauty tea offered starting TODAY
through Sunday with free shipping. Go to go to website: http://www.newportskinnytea.com. Simply add the Malibu Beach Beauty sample to the cart then check out using the code “BeautyTea” to get free shipping, its limited to US residents only, 1 per address, no matter how many you add to cart. Limited quantities so hop on it soon! I’ve had a cup so far. Super yummy green tea. I plan on having another cup tonight before the Marine Corps Ball to give me a little boost.

So stay tuned for the giveaway soon. My happening/health update post should be up asap too.