Treading water isn’t that bad, aka Happenings 12/17

Where to begin? It’s been a busy month or so. We went to the Rock N roll Vegas race weekend. I should have that recap up soon. I actually sat down one day to write it and then my two year old commandeered my IPad. That cold I picked up from gymnastics turned into a sinus infection, but I was no longer contagious so I went for it. I was so glad I did because I felt better the next day. I forget sometimes how great a little run can be/act as a natural antibiotic. I took a bit of med-cation there. Had a glass of wine, a bite of a soft pretzel. Oh behave! It was, as always amazing to see family. More on our adventures in the recap.
I had started drinking NUUN all day. I discovered NUUN regular formula while training for half marathons as an electrolyte replacement. The all day formula has a ton of vitamins and minerals so I thought why not? I’ve noticed an increase in energy since drinking these. And as a bonus I discovered today that I’ve been selected as a NUUN ambassador for 2015.
My headaches haven’t been quite as frequent. I did have another evening episode the week of Thanksgiving, some migraines the week of my cycle but overall less. I still have my neuro follow up the beginning of next month.

I decided to run the local trail turkey trot on Thanksgiving. I took my hound who I normally do not run with at races. She was always a bit crazy in public. She surprised us all and was a model canine citizen.

Next up was my LLMD appointment in San Diego. Not too much to report. We talked about adding an herbal remedy for a possible babesia (co-infection) by that jack hole tick that brought the lyme but decided to hold off because of those herxes I mentioned in the last happenings post. So we were to increase the Pekana detox drops. I had gotten out to 7 drops twice a day when I began having some heart racing issues again at night. So now were backing off that too. I had to see the cardiologist about that and he wanted a 30 day holter monitor (event monitor) to see what’s up. The Lyme doc is pretty sure it’s lyme related and I’m inclined to believe him. Alas like most doctors offices near here (well near as in 2 hours or under) somehow there was a delay in getting my monitor….
I also had a follow up phone consult with my naturopath. She suggested broccoli seed extract pills to add to the protocol for detox. I’ll start that soon hopefully. She also wants to treat babesia but with artmesian (sp). She mentioned that with my current protocol I’m essentially treading water and won’t really make significant progress until I can tackle the last form of Lyme and possible co-infections. I think I’m a bartonella candidate too but we’ll see. Treading water is better than drowning though and like everyone says lyme treatment is a marathon not a sprint. Oh the irony because all I want to do is sprint to the finish and then run an actual marathon. I’m learning patience though and truly listening to my body.

I had my brother in for a visit and we went on a hike and visited a feline conservation center. Thanks for the help/company Bill!
We had a fun Christmas weekend this past we did a local jingle jog we’ve done the past three years. My sweet tights from red dress boutique helped me win the costume contest. I also ran with my little Winnie again, she’s finally turned a corner at age 4! We rested, I detox bathed and then we were off to see the Christmas light display at the CALM zoo. Seeing the holidays through child’s eyes is just so magical and I’m so grateful I was able to be there. Unfortunately there were lots of very sick people out and about that couldn’t manage to cover their coughs. It just baffles me. Maybe it’s from years of working in schools where we learn to be courteous and hygienic but man…..oh man. So you guessed it, sore throat and sniffles here. I’m not going to let that ruin my Christmas spirit though. I hope everyone has a happy Christmas and healthy new year. Please reach out to just one person you think could use a smile.