Frustration Nation

So I expressed frustration with doctors on the Facebook wall and it’s just getting worse…..

Let’s back up to my cardiologist appointment. (See last happenings as this was some time ago). We decided to go with a patch monitor to see what the tachycardia at night was all about. Weeks passed and nothing…no monitor. I then get an auto message from cardionet (the monitor I had last go round. Huh I think that’s odd, maybe so patches too? After calling my cardio because I have no monitor yet they say yes it’s on the way…and I’m getting a cardio net because they couldn’t get the patch for the desires four week…fine. NO ONE INFORMED ME. And we tried this one already so whatever:..The monitor arrives and shortly I run out of the hypoallergenic electrodes and my skin was being ripped to shreds by the others. The agent informed me that my RX is only for…wait for it…TWO WEEKS and I need to speak with my doctor to change it before the monitor be changed. So they change it..but it’s like what the heck?!
Moving on to the Neuro stuff. I had my MRI about a week and a half ago. No fun, not that I expected it to be but thanks to yogic breathing I survived without any major panicking. But I did pick up a cold. I do my best at doctors appointments to avoid picking up nasties but there’s only so much you can do. As I was signing in the one, yes one person in the waiting room starting coughing as I was signing it. That cold didn’t last too long.
I was going to drop off my hubby to see his friends who were in town that I’ve known for a bit so I was going to stop in to say hello with Ry. He doesn’t do well at this place, kinda bar like so no high chairs etc. I promised ice cream if we just went and and left. That was ok until we returned back to the car…”dadddddy”. So we stayed. In order to stay busy he was playing with the table peanuts. (You can throw them on the floor there). I normally in my germaphobic tendencies would avoid, especially here were even though we were at a table I doubt the were changed. I wasn’t really thinking about it because the boy was busy and happy and frankly it was nice to be out with familiar faces. But I ate the malaria peanuts…shudder…so the boy could throw he shells on the floor. Now I have a nasty nasty cold. Fever, sore throat, chills…bad. A few days later the boy is sick too 👎👎👎
So adding the colds to what was already a herx reaction from upping Meds and the effects of the MRI (some folks use magnet therapy to treat Lyme) so my adverse reaction makes sense….no good.
I called my neuro’s EEG department last week to see if we could move my April 6th appointment to the 8th just because it would be a little more convenient for us and the agent said my appointment was actually April 1….what??? No it’s the 6th I have it written down several times along with the day and time. He’s supposed to call me back. Never does.
Flash forward to last night where I had another night with anxiety/impending doom wash over me at about 10pm . I fall asleep about midnight and wake up with tachycardia and feeling funny. This morning I had the whole my Brain is being stabbed/pressure headache/limbs weak/feel like I’m going to up chuck… So I decide to again call them.
The woman so rude every time I have spoken with her. Acts like I’m trying to schedule a pedicure for my dog or something instead of test to find seizures. So I ask her what’s happening and why it says the 1st and she says oh no “you’re scheduled for the 2nd”. Now what in the Samuel F💨👂k.?! A third date. She won’t admit she effed up. Now she “has to call all 20 people and see if the will switch”. So as of right now I have no EEG .
And guess what? I’m frustrated…and scared. I’m scared of something bad happening to me in my sleep. And I can’t help but think that these doctors/receptionists would be to blame. How hard is it really to just do your job. When I was working full time, part time..whatever I did my job, busted my tail. Where is that sense of work to ethic?! I still think there’s some sleep apnea going on but my home study only worked 1/3 of the days so I’m not too confident when when we get the results of its accuracy.
Don’t get me wrong I still have hope, I still pray, I’m still going to fight, I still see the beauty in each day…I’m just FRUSTRATED 😕


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