Happenings 11/11/14

So this post was originally going out last week before it was deleted somehow. Then we’ve been pretty busy. So first off how have I been feeling? Ups and downs. A bit of a roller coaster. I could use some more ups. But first the positive. I had two days, about 11 hours each where I had a clearish head. So brain fog, I’ve used the example of a bad hangover before but it’s also like your brain is covered in a too tight sleeping bag. Well those days it was open….Other than that we’ve had more herxing. One day I think was my bad. I ate an entire GF mini nothing bundt cake my hubby got me. As a result I missed going to the local fair with my family. Instead watched Big Driver on Lifetime. I recouped after a detox bath and some rest. The next herx I’m still sort of recovering from. My husband was out of town for work and just two days of caring for my kiddo ran me ragged and by the time he came home I was running 101 temp and had major aches for days. This is just a couple days solo and it totally kicked my butt. That really can’t happen again. I was on the road to recovery when my key fell off my chain and my son and I were locked out for the better part of a day. Next day sure enough I had a high fever aches and pains. Not too mention there was full moon which generally puts lymies in hell (the life cycle of the bugs mimics the moon).
What else, despite that herx I made it too the Marine Corps Birthday ball. It was important to me to support my husband for his day when a lot of life unfortunately has to be about me due to this disease. Luckily they were pumping AC and I had my fill of ice water so I survived. It’s amazing what make up and a dress can do, cause I felt like poo. Next up was the Semper Fi run for the fund. This race was local, I had a great time last year and was a bit disappointed I couldn’t participate this year. But with the herxing and Vegas a week later I needed to rest. My husband won the 10k and my 2 year old participated; err sat down and ran later for the kids 50 yard dash. Now unfortunately I’m fighting a cold. Please please cover your mouths and spread the word to friends. I knew after gymnastics last week when a parent coughed uncovered near me I would catch it and sure as sh@$ here I am. Those of us with chronic illness are trapt indoors most days and when we venture out sure there’s a risk but it’s much less when people are courteous about hygiene. We sat next to a lady in church who was picking her nose, ears, teeth and then shook everyone’s hands, what??
What’s up docs? The neurologist last week was a complete waste. He basically thought I was an idiot when I told him I was on plaquinel for Lyme. Basically told me to keep a headache diary for a month. Huh, I’ve doing that forever really… Wouldn’t order any labs and in order to do any testing for seizures I have to wait another month to see a separate seizure clinic and then maybe they’ll test? Soooo frustrating. Especially since I’ve been having these sleep incidents since July and still having pressure headaches. I took a couple days off of my cinnamon essential oil and saw less headaches. Now is that because it’s killing bugs in my head, not detxing enough or a reaction? My LLMD have been playing phone tag to discuss the herxes but I’m seeing him 11/20 either way. I feel 4 months into treatment I should be seeing some improvement….shouldn’t I?
Exercise There was a couple weeks I was getting out to walk every day so I suppose that’s somewhat of an improvement. It even kicked a headache a few times, especially after sitting in the sun for a quick minute. Perhaps a vitamin D deficiency….I ran a couple times, slow. I had to catch myself going too fast, but hey I love “don’t throw dirt on my grave just yet”. A few times of short yoga at home yoga sequences as well.
Up next we are going to Vegas on the 15th for the Rock N roll race next weekend. I hope to run/walk my 5k but I probably won’t know until start time if I’m participating. I am definatley changing my corral so that I can control my competitor brain and take it easy. 11/20 is the LLMD and then we have Thanksgiving of course.
Next post will be my review and giveaway of Malibu beach beauty tea. And if course thank a Vet today.




Free Tea Samples anyone??

So my happenings post like much of yesterday didn’t work out so well. I’ll try and get it done later. The review of Malibu Beach beauty tea will be shortly thereafter along with a giveaway. In the mean time check this out:

There will be a free sample of the beauty tea offered starting TODAY
through Sunday with free shipping. Go to go to website: http://www.newportskinnytea.com. Simply add the Malibu Beach Beauty sample to the cart then check out using the code “BeautyTea” to get free shipping, its limited to US residents only, 1 per address, no matter how many you add to cart. Limited quantities so hop on it soon! I’ve had a cup so far. Super yummy green tea. I plan on having another cup tonight before the Marine Corps Ball to give me a little boost.

So stay tuned for the giveaway soon. My happening/health update post should be up asap too.



Ah I loved Ricky Lakes role in the movie. Does this age me? Anyway I promised a review of Mountain Light hair dye. It is completely plant based. I am pleased with the results.
Again I chose the mahogany and medium brown. I have a ton of hair, plus some reviews suggested to mix and match so I did. The process calls for you to “cure” the product. Basically after you mix it with distilled boiling water it sits.

The instructions suggested adding one of several suggested spices for scent and depth of color. I chose nutmeg. So it has to cure for about an hour. Kind of a time extensive project but that’s ok.
After that it was time to apply. That took quite awhile as my hair is waaaay too long. If you ever have used henna, that’s basically what it smelled like. So not nearly as stinky as chemical hair dye but I wouldn’t say it smelled like roses;)🌹. That sat on about two hours. Packet says 45 minutes to about 4 hours.
It suggests waiting to shampoo at least a day. I waited a couple. Initially it just showed a darker color, after the wash it really warmed up the color with a nice reddish highlight. It covered most of my greys. I think I may have missed a spot. It was hard to cover such a large amount. Maybe next time I’ll bribe the hubby with a six pack.

Go check this out on Vitacost. 😉

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RNR LA: From Spectators Eyes

First, I had taken a bunch of great photos for this event but unfortunately my iPhone decided to go into restore mode so I lost most of what I took over the weekend. My husband has a few that I sent him, so I just have those and those I’ll have to purchase from marathon foto.
I knew in advance I would be just spectating this one and I was actually excited. I made a couple signs. I always make one for the husband (he was running the half marathon as part of his tour pass) and I made a generic runners sign as well.


We arrived at the expoLA live convention center at around 2:30pm. Despite not being registered to run hey I’m a girl and I love to shop. They did offer a 5k option I would of considered to walk/jog but no strollers were allowed. (Although I saw quite a few rule breakers). Anyway overall we were underwhelmed. Some of the usual suspects weren’t there like: One more mile, Run Disney, Spartan, Sparkle athletic or any runner skirt. I did snag a pack of soft sole socks for five dollars, which was great because the walk from the hotel was a doozy with a super steep hill on the way back, a little over a mile and half each way. My husband picked up some injui toe socks and that was it. His favorite gu was sold out…it seemed like some other booths seemed to be packing up early. Expo didn’t close until 5. Kinda bummer. I know some other big races were this weekend: Marine Corps Marathon for one, Surf City 10 miler…maybe that’s why. There was a women’s expo next door that featured Mario Lopez. I almost snuck over there lol.
Start line/staging areabr />
IMG_5780.JPG We decided to head to the start line with C because this was all downtown LA and a bit of a walk. I won’t say it was the worst area but I wasn’t comfortable walking just me and a two year old. You can tell I hadn’t had my coffee yet. C stretched and found bag check. That part was fairly organized. I won’t say this was the worst in the organization category but it wasn’t the best either. Runners never received a “be in corrals by such and such time email”. I couldn’t find any spectator info anywhere. C took off soon after that (speedy was in corral A). I went over to an info tent to see if I could figure out runner tracking . The lady there was super friendly and helpful but it had closed at midnight..wish I knew that. I then was on a hunt for a Starbucks and luckily a kind gentleman said it was two blocks away!
the race After snatching up a coffee I camped out a mile 6. This was a bit of a loop course so you could see both the half and 5k runners. We saw C a little after we got there and then cheered on all the runners. R even cheered on the spectators crossing the street. It was fairly easy to get over near the finish (right by the Staples Center)after that. When you think LA..I think stars, Hollywood..the beach. You didn’t see any of that here. My runner said the course was fairly boring save running by the Colosseum. Even that was the outer area. As far as difficulty mostly flat with a few hills.
Costumes This was a Halloween race that benefitted the ASPCA- I was have done some dog related get up.I had hoped for more costumes but the ones I saw were good. There was a gal that was the Wicked Witch of the West and the house that fell on her, Captain America, Forest Gump, A group of Cops and Ryan Loche complete with a swim cap and speedo (he was quite popular with the ladies as evident of all photos that were taken with him).
Finish Festivities
My husband finished in a respectable 1:31. Not his best but I was proud. The cover band was playing when he finished. Think journey etc. The energy was pretty electric. It made me a little motivated to kick some Lyme tush and rock Vegas next month (think healthy thoughts please!). We met at the family reunion area and then headed over to the ASPCA bark park. This was an area where you could adopt dogs, donate for a raffle and pick up some doggie swag. We got some raffle tickets, no dogs sadly. Then we after C picked up his gear we went to the concert area. What I really liked here is how they did the elite runner awards between opening band and the headliner Little Hurricane. It was pretty inspiring.

So overall we had a nice weekend. I love running community whether I’m running or not. Over a solid B for RNR LA.

It’s the Little Things

So I placed my first order on vitacost YESTERDAY and my order came today. As I mentioned before since my lyme treatment has begun I’m making a conscious effort to stay away from chemicals.
I had a hair stylist I LOVED in North Carolina. (Hannah at Seagrass Salon). I never found one here. I do desperately need a cut, which I’ll do eventually but I need a color asap. I tried a Pinterest DIY color that was coffee based. Dispite smelling a bit like a Starbucks Barista I liked it, it added a nice warmth but it did not cover the grey:( I guess 4 pregnancies in a little over 3 years will do that.
So I looked on vitacost while searching for a probiotic. I came across Light Mountain Natural. It’s all plant based. No chemicals, no animal ingredients or testing. I ordered the mahogany and medium brown. I’ll have a product review in the next few days! Wish me luck!!


Quick update

My doctor got back to me last night. I’m so thrilled he calls himself. I am to stop my minocyline until at least he gets back at the end of the month and restart my detox drops. He thinks it is a good idea to touch base with a neurologist but thinks whatever it ends up being he wouldn’t be surprised at all if its the lyme at play. I made an appointment with one on Nov 7, on a wait list to be seen sooner. That’s all for now, gotta check out my Amazon goodies.


Happenings 10/15/14

“Life has since thrown us a series of calamities and trials. Rather than rage against them, I’ve learned to be thankful for the serene moments of grace in between. And there are many of them”. I read daily in my detox baths and today picked up my copy of Three Minus One since it’s Infant and pregnancy loss awareness day. But how appropriate for those of us struggling kwith a chronic illness as well? This kind of sums up my latest. Last week I had another occasion where I appeared to have bite marks on my tongue and this time hand. The morning after the pressure headache followed. Could it be just nightmares, tmj, a nervous tick? (No pun intended), sure but it could also be more serious. I scoured the virtual yellow pages for a new neuro, thought I found locally but when she called back she was a chiropractor. I may look into that at some point but when serious issues are ruled out. Left a message with another, hoping to hear back soon if not it’s time to search again, but I will be IMG_5670most likely traveling far for. Because of the headaches I held off on starting my new med minocyline and my detox drops. Then my reinforcements arrived. My husband was going out of town for his Ragnar race (his a trail version) so my mom and aunt came to help out and get some time in with my little one. Despite my headache we went out to a pumpkin patch during their visit. It felt good to do normal people things. I think the crazy heat was actually a good detox because my headache was mostly gone at the end of it for the most part. It just made me think of how much easier this whole fight would be with a support team in place. Someone to help out with my active toddler during the day, help with meals and someone to actually talk to in person!? Don’t get me wrong my husband does SO much but he’s gone during your day. I hope and pray we can move closer to home some day. Chronic warriors: how is your support system? After they left of course it was sad but much like after my Yoga Journal live weekend I felt like I had the tools I needed to continue the fight. This time meaning adding in my new meds to my protocol. The first night I woke up middle of night could barely breath, gasping for breath my heart rate was 116 (abnormally high for me). I sat up did some deep breathing and drank some water and it calmed down. The next day my heart was jittery all day and I was sick to my stomach. My lyme doc is out of town at first a lyme conference, then a mold and finally a vacation. So it’s phone tag with the office staff until I get a hold of him to see what to do. I stopped that med and drops and have felt “fine” today. So times aren’t easy but I’ve had some of those serene moments that author mentioned: quality time with my family (especially those visiting), I went on a very short run and my husband and I got to attend church sans toddler. Tonight at 7pm there is a movement to light candles for all the babies gone too soon. Please join me in lighting a candle. I’d love to see some in the comment section.