Bio: I'm a 35 year old military wife, momma to an awesome two year old, a lab and hound. Trying to maintain my sanity as I fight Lyme disease with yoga and some running.

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  1. Hi my friend,
    So we’re lyme sister’s? I start my antibiotics tomorrow. Life for me is going to change. I have written about Lyme every week but have never had someone with Lyme stop by the site. Lyme sucks. I’m a few hours of a pity party after getting home doctor today. I feel like an island. I remain upbeat in my post because I want to send a message people will read. I’ve haven’t talked with someone who remotely knows what’s it like. I’ll read more tomorrow, I got a slap on the wrist for not keeping my bedtime so will have to wait. I’m following you and look forward to reading your post and see how we might help each other. Have a great day. 🙂


    • I am! Diagnosed in July probably sick for atleast 4 years, worse in the last two or so. It’s nice to keep in touch with others that have it…so many different treatment options nothing clear cut. Good luck on your starting abx. Ill follow your journey as well. Nice to have a friendly “face”:)


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