Labor, Lyme flare, Lunar effects or what? Holla at my last happening post pre-baby

This was written as I sat in Starbucks prior to my MFM appointment which led to my induction, thought I’d publish anyway. Birth story is already written and will go up next….

On a daily basis lately that’s what goes through my mind:  is this symptom a labor, a lyme flare, an effect of my latest tick bite, the tooth problem, or what? And that was definitely the case last night. We had a busy day sure yesterday. Started the day off doing a two week stock up at target, cleaned up Chester debris (he got into Ry’s Easter candy/bubbles), disinfected all the toys, couch etc from when the boy was sick, cleaned the bedding, did lunches, snack box, and was waiting for my hubby to come home when I felt off and fevery all of a sudden. I had some stomach upset prior but hey at 39 weeks pregnant that happens. So I got the thermometer out and it said “HI”…odd then 106, then 104, finally settling in around 101:100 ish. I called the OB on call, messaged the doula. I think tbe the machine was off maybe from disinfecting it but I for sure had a fever since I had the chills. The both thought I came down with a bug but honestly after being home bound taking care of my boy who was sick with a cold/ear infection I doubt I could of picked that up…. So the fever went down after some food, lots of fluids and rest. But I have that feeling o did prior to treatment that I feel fevery with no fever, feels like I need a fever to break before I experience relief… So what the heck was it? Maybe Candida for not sticking with my diet?? Adrenals crashing with being so far into pregnancy?? What. I plan on calling my lyme doc after my appt and preschool pick up.

Lyme stuff

So what else is going on in my lymie world? I had my appointment a few weeks back. A lot of it is wait and see how I do post delivery to see what the next step is. She wants to put me on valtrex (an antiviral to address mycoplasma and EBV ) but with baby measuring small and being so close to my EDD I’ve been holding off. While my diet hasn’t been as good as it can be I’ve been doing a ton of lemon water. As far as symptoms I’ve had a bit of a neuro flare:  fog, depersonalizations, insomnia (but hey I’m super pregnant). My energy levels have been decent. Lunches and dinners have been made, dog walks…still participating as a wife and mom which makes me thrilled. The past couple weeks the neuro has greatly lessened though which I think is in part to my exercise. 

Work it out

I’ve been fortunate to get a lot of physical activity in. I noticed the difference walking out of my prenatal yoga class (which commenced a full week of movment). I felt alive, present and my muscles were warm and limber. I had walked the dogs all week, went on a hike with the family, took a prenatal Pilates workshop and finally that yoga class. It really just shows that as someone with a chronic illness doing what you can really helps. When I hit remission, maybe before I plan on teaching a yoga class for us spoonies.  

 Baby gate

  1. I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far. I’m currently 6 weeks more pregnant than I was with my son. I cherish every ache and pain of pregnancy, every roll and flip of my baby girl. Only two reasons I’m getting antsy: anxiety of everything winding up OK and a push from some in my OB practice to schedule a c-section. When I found out I was expecting for the 5th time in 4 years I didn’t know what I wanted as far as delivery. I honestly didn’t expect this princess to make it very far with all I’ve gone through. And then there was the issue of lyme transmission. A lot of this is so new as far as congenital lyme so I wanted to do what’s best for baby. And after talking to my lyme doc much like breastfeeding:  benefit outways the risk for vaginal delivery. And honestly a c-section is a huge deal as far as recovery is concerned and for someone with an autoimmune disase it’s even harder, may even cause a huge relapse… So anyway I hired a doula, researched VBCAS and that became the plan. All seemed on board and encouraging until the past few weeks (and for no medical reason). Dr T basically gave me until my due date and after some talk maybe plus 2, Dr. M basically made the whole thing sound like a medical emergency and last week the PA tried to get me to schedule the section (i declined). So currently doing more research and plan on trying to push atleast 41 if need be if baby is fine. I have a growth scan at MFM today.

Month of the military child

So April is the month of the military child and at almost 4 im really starting to see how hard it is for him. There were tears at Christmas when we said our goodbyes to family and when we talked about Christmas next year (that will be in Hawaii) he just assumed we’d be at my aunts house. My heart sunk.. The worst was when he got really sick over spring break. We had plans to have one of my closest friends and her kids who know live in the south come visit us. It became clear their visit was unlikely with him struggling with a cold, ear infection and tonsillitis and he says to me :  “so it’s just going to be Ryan, Mama, Daddy, Chester and Winnie 

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