Happenings 2/12

I wasn’t going to update until after my cardiologist appointment on Friday but there’s been a ton going on with my fight including my horrible day yesterday so here goes…
Backing up first to my Lyme doc appointment last week. For the first time at a visit I felt better. I actually had some good news to report. He was pleased. I had been still having some issues with racing heart at night but had done some research on the incidence on Lyme and sleep apnea and it seemed like maybe that could be what’s happening. He gave me the card of a holistic sleep specialist in San Diego. Before getting in touch with her I would see what my cardio had to say and see if maybe they could order an at home sleep study themselves. Anyway we just decided to increase my antibiotics: first the omnicef to twice a day and then the plaquinol to twice a day. We still aren’t covering the intercellular form of the Lyme bacteria but the drugs to cover those mostly have the ability to effect the electrical stuff of the heart and we have my cardio follow up to hear from first. Kind of frustrating but it is what it is.
A few days following the visit I started feeling cold crummy: a little chest congestion , sore throat etc. So I decided yesterday to just rest. I ordered a kids movie on demand and laid down my son. When all of a sudden I had this intense crushing pain in my chest. It felt somewhere in between someone stabbing me and punching me, maybe both. I tried to sit up and do slow breaths and it didn’t relent. I tried to contact my husband, nothing. I took my blood pressure and it was like 166/95. Then I took my heart rate: 144. I called my cardiologist to see what they had to say. This conversation became a blur as the pain escalated. They told me based on my symptoms i was to go to the ER ASAP and if I couldn’t get a hold of my husband to call 911.
I tried to contact him again and nothing so I had to call for my first ride in the square limo. When the paramedics arrived my BP was still around 135/something. Finally as they did an EKG a here he arrived and I could head to the hospital.
After a series of tests, they found nothing. If you have Lyme this isn’t an uncommon occurrence..I hope I dodged the croupy kids in there. After returning home a couple hours later I spoke with my Lyme doctor. He said that Lyme patients have an increased amount of cytokines and that increases even more when sick with a cold on top of it thus making us even sicker. Also I increased my Meds yesterday so it could of been a bad herx reaction. So yesterday I was to take no medications and then today start back on 1 a day of the Meds and when my colds over split the capsules in half and try 1 1/2.
Feeling like I was hit by a Mack truck I laid on the couch with my son last night he snuggled into me. It was a needed reminder that he is why I fight. It doesn’t matter if others don’t believe me, or in me, or my disease. I fight for him, I breath for him. I won’t stop.
Onto some good news. We found out several days ago we’re moving where we wanted to (without going into specifics on a public blog) those of you who know us know where this is. It won’t be next to family but we can drive. I’ve been starting some yoga via an Instagram challenge. (val142821). Haven’t made it to a class yet but weekend classes here are too early and at night it’s after I detox bath so we’ll keep trying. So long for now. Keep up whatever battle your in, those of you with illness. Find a reason to fight.



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