Resolutions, reflections and ramblings

I thought after the summer of 2013 where I lost the twins and was told I nearly lost my life 2014 would be my year… instead I lost another pregnancy to start off the new year, got the answer I thought I wanted to hear (Lyme disease) and have had a lot harder time with treatment than I ever imagined. It hasn’t all been bad of course. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons:

1. When the going get tough the tough get going.

It has showed me what true friendship means. In the couple months before diagnosis my little one was invited to children’s parties, after diagnosis the same folks no longer think of him, some unfriend Facebook or just stay silent. On the flip side I’ve had such support from others via phone calls, messages and treats sent to me, as well as info on natural products/nutrition to fit my new lifestyle.
2. My family kicks ass
Since diagnosis I’ve had my mom and aunt come out, another aunt and stepfather (that was planned before I suppose) and my brother. The company has been a wonderful boost and the help with Ry has been amazing. I’m really hoping for an east coast move. A 17 hour drive home will seem like cake for the holidays…or a short flight in a town near an airport.
3 Forgiveness is hard. I’ve learned sometimes that’s easier than others.
4. love makes things easier, better, brighter from family, friends, God and furry friends and it’s all that really matters.

2014 highlights
1. Running with the Bears run (you can read my recap back in August)
2. Yoga journal live in San Diego
3. This Christmas Season
4 family visits
5. RNR Vegas because it was proof I can run/family came/Hoover Dam

1. Restart a regular yoga practice. This will for sure help me live happily in the moment.
2. Be brave: it will be time to kill more lyme buggers and that’s scary.
3. In corporate more all natural treatments into my protocol: maybe FAR sauna, vitamin C, invest in a biomat.
4. Find a real camera and learn some photog tips. I used to be into it in my youth and I treasure photographs and memories.
5. Learn more about essential oils and maybe get in the bizz.

Things I’m looking forward to in 2015
1. Being a NUUN ambassador. I love the product and how it’s helped me with my energy.
2.MOVINGGGGGG . The desert while beautiful is not what expected. I went to Scottsdale to visit a good friend in 7th grade and I kinda thought that would be what this would be like….nope. I’m a beach gal all the way.
3. Getting my tattoo. The last one I was just a baby.
4. Continuing on the road to wellness. My mother gave my husband and I the Hood to Coast documentary for Christmas (highly recommend it btw). One older kick ass lady, had a heart attack on course, was without a heartbeat for 2 minutes and came back the next year. Her closing line really got me. She said “never stop fighting to do what you love”. That’s what I’m going to do, whether that be running, yoga or just being with my family.

These are great thoughts and I know that’s not necessarily what will happen….I will keep flowing through this fight the best way I can. Happy New Year! Feel free to share any thoughts or goals. 🙂


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