Cyber Monday tea Giveaway and Malibu Beach Beauty Tea Review

Newport Skinny tea/Malibu beach beauty tea has posted awhile back that they were looking for bloggers to receive samples and review their products. I jumped at the chance. I’m really looking to incorporate various natural/healthy products on the blog. I shared my story with the founder of the company and she shared that she had overcome some health issues using holistic means so she was excited as I was for this partnership.
So this tea contains various herbs that “stimulate your body’s natural energy pathways and detoxification systems” (from their insert). This really intrigued me because as a Lyme fighter we are huge into detox. Our bodies are fighting this illness and the toxins need an exit. I had noticed my skin getting oily in treatment process.I will say that I saw a difference after a couple cups. I will definitely keep this products in mind the closer I am to being lyme free.
So how’s it taste? It’s yummy as I expected. I love tea, especially since wine is on the back burner during treatment. This is a loose leaf tea. I do have an infuser on my Christmas list but for this taste test I used loose leaf filler bags purchased for about 6 or 7 dollars on Amazon. Getting back to the flavor, it has a very light licorice taste (nothing harsh I’m not black licorice fan by any means and I dug it), there is a lot of dimension to it but overall I found it to be an uber pleasant green tea. I added some local honey and some lemon to mine for additional flavor and to help the sore throat I had at the time. I would definately recommend this because it’s yummy, different (not your boring diner tea) and will help your skin woes.
So the giveaway . I’m going to keep it simple the first time. All you have to do is: this post and 2.either leave your email here or shoot me an email (The emails will only be shared to the company who will use it to send you coupon codes, updates and news). Entries will be received until Saturday and,I’ll have my little guy draw a name from a hat and the winner will be announced by midnight PT on Cyber Monday.
In the mean time you can check out Malibu Beach Beauty tea on Best of luck everyone and Happy Thanksgiving.


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