Happenings 11/11/14

So this post was originally going out last week before it was deleted somehow. Then we’ve been pretty busy. So first off how have I been feeling? Ups and downs. A bit of a roller coaster. I could use some more ups. But first the positive. I had two days, about 11 hours each where I had a clearish head. So brain fog, I’ve used the example of a bad hangover before but it’s also like your brain is covered in a too tight sleeping bag. Well those days it was open….Other than that we’ve had more herxing. One day I think was my bad. I ate an entire GF mini nothing bundt cake my hubby got me. As a result I missed going to the local fair with my family. Instead watched Big Driver on Lifetime. I recouped after a detox bath and some rest. The next herx I’m still sort of recovering from. My husband was out of town for work and just two days of caring for my kiddo ran me ragged and by the time he came home I was running 101 temp and had major aches for days. This is just a couple days solo and it totally kicked my butt. That really can’t happen again. I was on the road to recovery when my key fell off my chain and my son and I were locked out for the better part of a day. Next day sure enough I had a high fever aches and pains. Not too mention there was full moon which generally puts lymies in hell (the life cycle of the bugs mimics the moon).
What else, despite that herx I made it too the Marine Corps Birthday ball. It was important to me to support my husband for his day when a lot of life unfortunately has to be about me due to this disease. Luckily they were pumping AC and I had my fill of ice water so I survived. It’s amazing what make up and a dress can do, cause I felt like poo. Next up was the Semper Fi run for the fund. This race was local, I had a great time last year and was a bit disappointed I couldn’t participate this year. But with the herxing and Vegas a week later I needed to rest. My husband won the 10k and my 2 year old participated; err sat down and ran later for the kids 50 yard dash. Now unfortunately I’m fighting a cold. Please please cover your mouths and spread the word to friends. I knew after gymnastics last week when a parent coughed uncovered near me I would catch it and sure as sh@$ here I am. Those of us with chronic illness are trapt indoors most days and when we venture out sure there’s a risk but it’s much less when people are courteous about hygiene. We sat next to a lady in church who was picking her nose, ears, teeth and then shook everyone’s hands, what??
What’s up docs? The neurologist last week was a complete waste. He basically thought I was an idiot when I told him I was on plaquinel for Lyme. Basically told me to keep a headache diary for a month. Huh, I’ve doing that forever really… Wouldn’t order any labs and in order to do any testing for seizures I have to wait another month to see a separate seizure clinic and then maybe they’ll test? Soooo frustrating. Especially since I’ve been having these sleep incidents since July and still having pressure headaches. I took a couple days off of my cinnamon essential oil and saw less headaches. Now is that because it’s killing bugs in my head, not detxing enough or a reaction? My LLMD have been playing phone tag to discuss the herxes but I’m seeing him 11/20 either way. I feel 4 months into treatment I should be seeing some improvement….shouldn’t I?
Exercise There was a couple weeks I was getting out to walk every day so I suppose that’s somewhat of an improvement. It even kicked a headache a few times, especially after sitting in the sun for a quick minute. Perhaps a vitamin D deficiency….I ran a couple times, slow. I had to catch myself going too fast, but hey I love “don’t throw dirt on my grave just yet”. A few times of short yoga at home yoga sequences as well.
Up next we are going to Vegas on the 15th for the Rock N roll race next weekend. I hope to run/walk my 5k but I probably won’t know until start time if I’m participating. I am definatley changing my corral so that I can control my competitor brain and take it easy. 11/20 is the LLMD and then we have Thanksgiving of course.
Next post will be my review and giveaway of Malibu beach beauty tea. And if course thank a Vet today.




2 thoughts on “Happenings 11/11/14

  1. Hello my friend
    You are on the right track. Keep researching so you have all the questions together. One book my doctor uses and firmly believes in is The Lyme Disease Solution. There is a symptom checklist in there and my doctor asked and looked for almost all the same questions. If you had the list and can track your additional symptoms you’ll be ready for the appointment. I bought my book on Amazon. I wish you well and hope the right med mix start your healing.


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