Free Tea Samples anyone??

So my happenings post like much of yesterday didn’t work out so well. I’ll try and get it done later. The review of Malibu Beach beauty tea will be shortly thereafter along with a giveaway. In the mean time check this out:

There will be a free sample of the beauty tea offered starting TODAY
through Sunday with free shipping. Go to go to website: Simply add the Malibu Beach Beauty sample to the cart then check out using the code “BeautyTea” to get free shipping, its limited to US residents only, 1 per address, no matter how many you add to cart. Limited quantities so hop on it soon! I’ve had a cup so far. Super yummy green tea. I plan on having another cup tonight before the Marine Corps Ball to give me a little boost.

So stay tuned for the giveaway soon. My happening/health update post should be up asap too.


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