Ah I loved Ricky Lakes role in the movie. Does this age me? Anyway I promised a review of Mountain Light hair dye. It is completely plant based. I am pleased with the results.
Again I chose the mahogany and medium brown. I have a ton of hair, plus some reviews suggested to mix and match so I did. The process calls for you to “cure” the product. Basically after you mix it with distilled boiling water it sits.

The instructions suggested adding one of several suggested spices for scent and depth of color. I chose nutmeg. So it has to cure for about an hour. Kind of a time extensive project but that’s ok.
After that it was time to apply. That took quite awhile as my hair is waaaay too long. If you ever have used henna, that’s basically what it smelled like. So not nearly as stinky as chemical hair dye but I wouldn’t say it smelled like roses;)🌹. That sat on about two hours. Packet says 45 minutes to about 4 hours.
It suggests waiting to shampoo at least a day. I waited a couple. Initially it just showed a darker color, after the wash it really warmed up the color with a nice reddish highlight. It covered most of my greys. I think I may have missed a spot. It was hard to cover such a large amount. Maybe next time I’ll bribe the hubby with a six pack.

Go check this out on Vitacost. 😉

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