RNR LA: From Spectators Eyes

First, I had taken a bunch of great photos for this event but unfortunately my iPhone decided to go into restore mode so I lost most of what I took over the weekend. My husband has a few that I sent him, so I just have those and those I’ll have to purchase from marathon foto.
I knew in advance I would be just spectating this one and I was actually excited. I made a couple signs. I always make one for the husband (he was running the half marathon as part of his tour pass) and I made a generic runners sign as well.


We arrived at the expoLA live convention center at around 2:30pm. Despite not being registered to run hey I’m a girl and I love to shop. They did offer a 5k option I would of considered to walk/jog but no strollers were allowed. (Although I saw quite a few rule breakers). Anyway overall we were underwhelmed. Some of the usual suspects weren’t there like: One more mile, Run Disney, Spartan, Sparkle athletic or any runner skirt. I did snag a pack of soft sole socks for five dollars, which was great because the walk from the hotel was a doozy with a super steep hill on the way back, a little over a mile and half each way. My husband picked up some injui toe socks and that was it. His favorite gu was sold out…it seemed like some other booths seemed to be packing up early. Expo didn’t close until 5. Kinda bummer. I know some other big races were this weekend: Marine Corps Marathon for one, Surf City 10 miler…maybe that’s why. There was a women’s expo next door that featured Mario Lopez. I almost snuck over there lol.
Start line/staging areabr />
IMG_5780.JPG We decided to head to the start line with C because this was all downtown LA and a bit of a walk. I won’t say it was the worst area but I wasn’t comfortable walking just me and a two year old. You can tell I hadn’t had my coffee yet. C stretched and found bag check. That part was fairly organized. I won’t say this was the worst in the organization category but it wasn’t the best either. Runners never received a “be in corrals by such and such time email”. I couldn’t find any spectator info anywhere. C took off soon after that (speedy was in corral A). I went over to an info tent to see if I could figure out runner tracking . The lady there was super friendly and helpful but it had closed at midnight..wish I knew that. I then was on a hunt for a Starbucks and luckily a kind gentleman said it was two blocks away!
the race After snatching up a coffee I camped out a mile 6. This was a bit of a loop course so you could see both the half and 5k runners. We saw C a little after we got there and then cheered on all the runners. R even cheered on the spectators crossing the street. It was fairly easy to get over near the finish (right by the Staples Center)after that. When you think LA..I think stars, Hollywood..the beach. You didn’t see any of that here. My runner said the course was fairly boring save running by the Colosseum. Even that was the outer area. As far as difficulty mostly flat with a few hills.
Costumes This was a Halloween race that benefitted the ASPCA- I was have done some dog related get up.I had hoped for more costumes but the ones I saw were good. There was a gal that was the Wicked Witch of the West and the house that fell on her, Captain America, Forest Gump, A group of Cops and Ryan Loche complete with a swim cap and speedo (he was quite popular with the ladies as evident of all photos that were taken with him).
Finish Festivities
My husband finished in a respectable 1:31. Not his best but I was proud. The cover band was playing when he finished. Think journey etc. The energy was pretty electric. It made me a little motivated to kick some Lyme tush and rock Vegas next month (think healthy thoughts please!). We met at the family reunion area and then headed over to the ASPCA bark park. This was an area where you could adopt dogs, donate for a raffle and pick up some doggie swag. We got some raffle tickets, no dogs sadly. Then we after C picked up his gear we went to the concert area. What I really liked here is how they did the elite runner awards between opening band and the headliner Little Hurricane. It was pretty inspiring.

So overall we had a nice weekend. I love running community whether I’m running or not. Over a solid B for RNR LA.

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