It’s the Little Things

So I placed my first order on vitacost YESTERDAY and my order came today. As I mentioned before since my lyme treatment has begun I’m making a conscious effort to stay away from chemicals.
I had a hair stylist I LOVED in North Carolina. (Hannah at Seagrass Salon). I never found one here. I do desperately need a cut, which I’ll do eventually but I need a color asap. I tried a Pinterest DIY color that was coffee based. Dispite smelling a bit like a Starbucks Barista I liked it, it added a nice warmth but it did not cover the grey:( I guess 4 pregnancies in a little over 3 years will do that.
So I looked on vitacost while searching for a probiotic. I came across Light Mountain Natural. It’s all plant based. No chemicals, no animal ingredients or testing. I ordered the mahogany and medium brown. I’ll have a product review in the next few days! Wish me luck!!


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