Happenings 10/15/14

“Life has since thrown us a series of calamities and trials. Rather than rage against them, I’ve learned to be thankful for the serene moments of grace in between. And there are many of them”. I read daily in my detox baths and today picked up my copy of Three Minus One since it’s Infant and pregnancy loss awareness day. But how appropriate for those of us struggling kwith a chronic illness as well? This kind of sums up my latest. Last week I had another occasion where I appeared to have bite marks on my tongue and this time hand. The morning after the pressure headache followed. Could it be just nightmares, tmj, a nervous tick? (No pun intended), sure but it could also be more serious. I scoured the virtual yellow pages for a new neuro, thought I found locally but when she called back she was a chiropractor. I may look into that at some point but when serious issues are ruled out. Left a message with another, hoping to hear back soon if not it’s time to search again, but I will be IMG_5670most likely traveling far for. Because of the headaches I held off on starting my new med minocyline and my detox drops. Then my reinforcements arrived. My husband was going out of town for his Ragnar race (his a trail version) so my mom and aunt came to help out and get some time in with my little one. Despite my headache we went out to a pumpkin patch during their visit. It felt good to do normal people things. I think the crazy heat was actually a good detox because my headache was mostly gone at the end of it for the most part. It just made me think of how much easier this whole fight would be with a support team in place. Someone to help out with my active toddler during the day, help with meals and someone to actually talk to in person!? Don’t get me wrong my husband does SO much but he’s gone during your day. I hope and pray we can move closer to home some day. Chronic warriors: how is your support system? After they left of course it was sad but much like after my Yoga Journal live weekend I felt like I had the tools I needed to continue the fight. This time meaning adding in my new meds to my protocol. The first night I woke up middle of night could barely breath, gasping for breath my heart rate was 116 (abnormally high for me). I sat up did some deep breathing and drank some water and it calmed down. The next day my heart was jittery all day and I was sick to my stomach. My lyme doc is out of town at first a lyme conference, then a mold and finally a vacation. So it’s phone tag with the office staff until I get a hold of him to see what to do. I stopped that med and drops and have felt “fine” today. So times aren’t easy but I’ve had some of those serene moments that author mentioned: quality time with my family (especially those visiting), I went on a very short run and my husband and I got to attend church sans toddler. Tonight at 7pm there is a movement to light candles for all the babies gone too soon. Please join me in lighting a candle. I’d love to see some in the comment section.

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