Happenings 1st week of October

As some of you know I had another visit with my LLMD in San Diego this week. It’s always nice to see San Diego even if it is for a Doctors visit. First up: test results as i mentioned in a previous post I had my CD 57 tested. I was never a science gal (more language and lit type), I know it has something to do with natural killer cells. I’ve heard this term on pregnancy loss boards. Anyway it has to do with your immune function. Normal is 60-360. I am 65. So the positive is while it’s low normal, it means my immune system is doing something. What gives me pause here is that is these natural killer cells are firing, you could that have contributed to my pregnancy losses as well? Makes sense since my body was already attacking foreign “things” inside. What gets me upset here is this could be a test any obgyn or say a fancy Beverly Hills endocrinologist could of thought of…I asked no begged the ridgecrest Ob to be referred out to a Maternal fetal medicine doc. My twins heart beats were mid 80’s and 90’s respectively. So almost where they needed to be, almost. The doctor said no, I wasn’t high risk….idiot. Moving back on a positive-ish note. My MSH was 38, normal starts at 30. So again low but low normal. That is your exposure to neurotoxins. Treatment: Those that know me personally know I’ve had a rough go of it recently. I’ve been herxing pretty bad, headaches, flu like symptoms. So we’re changing up things a bit. I’m lowering to one dose of Omnicef, sticking to one of plaquinel and adding minocyline (probably next week, I want to enjoy my weekend away). Sticking for just one a day for now. We’re also adding in a multivitamin and magnesium to hopefully help the head. In addition we’re going to be starting a detox kit of three different herbs to target the lymphatic system, kidneys and liver. Next appointment is in November, although I have a naturopath phone consult later this month. What else My son is still looking good. He started gymnastics officially and loves it. We are heading to Orange County for the Walk to Remember this weekend (hopefully). I’m sure I’ll have a recap of that.

So I thought I would give an update to the last post of life as a military wife. I had several ladies reach out in person or in email. Thank you ladies. On the other hand one of the gals from the team un-friended me on Facebook. Ouch.


2 thoughts on “Happenings 1st week of October

  1. Hello dear friend,
    I’m so glad to see you, it means a lot knowing you’re fighting and took the time to stop by. I read about your babies, my heart aches for you. There are no words I can say to relieve your pain. I will keep you and family in my prayers.

    We are new friends, please remember everything I say is out of love and not malice. I’m a Texas gal, we’re pretty straight shooters. I am thrilled to see you are kicking Lyme’s ass. I’m at the beginning of the journey and haven’t had the chance to read your post. Your recovery will provide sunshine for me from here out. I started the first week of my third antibiotic. The two Malaria meds didn’t cause a reaction, Baixin is not pleasant from day one. I have my port started next month. I can’t speak for Lyme Disease knowledge in CA. In the DFW area chances are low for referral to LLD. I spent months seeing 2 GP’s before referral to Neuro, where I spent over a year looking for answers. Every test performed came back abnormal except for Lyme. Lyme was a resounding negative. No mention of a second test or the facts of how unreliable the test were. I started research before seeing another doctor, narrowed my illness down to less than ten which included Lyme. Research discussed the division among the medical community on Lyme test, treatment and Chronic Lyme. I watched several excellent videos on YouTube which convinced me Chronic Lyme is real. I read about the witch hunt happening to doctors treating CL and the lengths they went to before being called before Medical Board. The first one’s usually lost the ability to practice, others could not practice for six months. I knew if a doctor took the risk of treating LD, they were a doctor I wanted. Many LLD worked hard going undercover, meaning no insurance accepted. Finding a LLD on my own went nowhere, I read about ILADS and called for a referral. I received two phone calls asking several questions before I received a call back. Then the name of two LLD in my area, months spent waiting for my appointment. Why do I spend so much time on information you know? My LLD mentioned testing for C57 recently became a standard, a Rheumatologist might know. It’s unfortunate how many people are suffering due to a Lyme test created over 20 years ago. When friends/followers from the East Coast read my Lyme journal post most know about the risk of tick borne illnesses.

    You sound like a driven, athletic, and goal oriented person. I hope you will go easy on yourself and not set your goals to high. I wish you a speedy all clear from the doctor. Have a great weekend. I look forward to hearing the next test results.



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