So what have I been up to aside from lamenting that I’m not running Ragnar in Napa Valley this weekend? (And a lament for sure because not only had I planned I was the team captain and anyone who’s been in this roll knows the headache that in the end is worth it with the reward…)sigh Atleast this means it’s over with on the positive side…
Well I added in cedfnir (the generic Omncef). I’m pretty sure this caused what I believed now to be a herx. (Well that with my herbals) I was literally down for the count with what felt like the flu: fever over 100, chills and bone pain. Luckily my husband had that Friday off to help with Ry. I rolled right into days of a migraine. So literally I layed on the couch. I am lucky that he also has made my spreadsheets of meds, cooks my crazy diet up and entertains our boy. Thankfully I’m doing a little better the past couple days.
During my couch bound time I took my grey scale test that was done online. Basically you try and distinguish which way the grey shapes are facing. Fail and it means you’ve been exposed to neurotoxins from mold and/or Lyme. I failed of course. I have my MSH (measures mold exposure) and my cd57 (immune system test over the weekend).
More results
As I mentioned a couple posts ago my cardiologist was going to send a letter detailing my questions since we couldn’t understand him. It really doesn’t give me much more confidence in him… He mentions I have 1.palpitations most likely due to sinus arrhythmia (although in a paragraph later says none which picked up the holter moniter) 2. Short PR interval (doesn’t detail at all what this is but from research it doesn’t look serious) 3. The tricuspid regurgitation I mentioned before. So…yeah I knew about the arrithmyia (sinus is the most common and benign. Last summer after the miscarriage the cardio informed me if that and said its normal for active people… So new guys recommendation is: “jog until you lightly perspire and continue at that pace” . Um….we live in the DESERT I lightly perspire…no drench like I walked out of a bikram class walking to my car. His target hr is 150.,.. Which took me about 10 minutes on a crazy incline on my stress test to get to. He says ill “be able to do more soon, but not at this time. Huh?? No explanation. Needless to say I don’t have much confidence in this guy. My logical mind says: all of these things are quite normal you are fine….BUT my worry wort self is like oh no…
Exercise lately
I started off the month with a yoga challenge on Instagram but after the herx and migraine couldn’t keep up. But the last couple days I’ve done some push ups, squats and even walked today. I hope to get to a yoga class in the next couple days.
What’s my Ry been up to.
A lot of Daddy time and playing with his dog. He had us in hysterics yesterday drinking out of the dog bowl. He has such a love for animals that makes me proud. He was trying to teach Chester to jump through a hula hoop ala me with my dog when I was little…The bond he shares with our lab is heartwarming. It still stings when I see events posted he wasn’t invited to (the curse of Facebook huh). Luckily I’ve had a couple decent days and we have had a Starbucks date and did several arts and crafts projects with a fall theme. (wishful thinking??? It was still 100+ yesterday). Also ordered him some high quality vitamins from USANA. Got to keep him healthy, especially now.
Well I’m officially registered for the 5k at the rock n roll weekend in November. I was so thankful they added this. The half last year was my PR. We had a blast. So even though it’s not the half I’ll still hopefully be able to participate in the weekend. They also have insurance this time too, so if I’m not up to it I can get my money back. Win. My husband is running the marathon. My aunt is in for half of the half. Not sure if she realizes this means it’s slightly more than a 10k;). Now to figure out how we can watch Snoop dog pre race without scarring our two year old for life…. We also signed up for the OC walk to remember. This event honors and celebrate the lives of babies lost. We walk to take the steps they never will. The event was beautiful last year. Never did I think I would be adding another angel to celebrate. They added a run this year as well, but I haven’t run in about a month so I plan on easing back into it, my husband will be running though. Oct 4th will be a special day. Before all that of course we have a follow up with my LLMD at the end of the month. So that’s it for now. It feels good be out of horizontal ville for now.




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