Do no harm? I guess I can run after all???

Isn’t that part of the hypocratic oath? I feel,like I’ve been given the run around by almost very doctor seen in the desert. So, I called yesterday to speak with the nurse about my cardiologist appointment. She himagead said my “condition” is tricuspid regurgitation. Basically when a valve opens some blood gets pushed back. Upon looking at my sheet it’s “mild or trace.” So not a lot. After I hung up I looked it up and apparently it’s very common and often picked up simply because of the high quality of modern day echocardiogram. I asked the nurse about the arrithmyia and she didn’t know. Ok…well what are my restrictions, explicitly…”don’t run marathons”. To a non-runner they probably just shrug and think-hey I wasn’t going to do that ridiculous anyway…but I do want to do something that ridiculous some day. I asked her if there was a mile, pace, heart rate max…”oh I don’t know, just don’t run marathons”. So I can what run 25 miles then? Walk 26 run .2? I ask her why and says it will stress the heart and cause high blood pressure…so taking away my primary form of exercise won’t do that? Oh you can run just not that.
The first day I walked into his office he said he ran in reference to my low hr. I thought great, he’s a runner. I’ve come to realize the difference between someone who runs and is a runner. I mean the cardiologist who examined me after I lost the twins looked at me still in a hospital bed and said yes go run your half marathon in a few weeks. (He ran ultras)I had a podiatrist looked at my foot when I was pregnant with my son after I developed plantar fasciitis say sure keep at it. (He and his wife were runners and she ran through her pregnancy as we’ll). Anyway so after all that grief I think I can run after all. I think…the doctor is mailing a letter with specifics. I’ll still get a second opinion, load up my road ID and stick to 10k’s and under for now. This guy looked at us and said no competitive running….ugh, we had asked for specifics too…
So now for My little one. Awhile back I had him tested locally. The long and short of it is that first test either wasn’t ordered accurately or we’re suffering from the new wave of Lyme testing. In order to do the Western blot (more sensitive) the Elisa or least sensitive test has to be positive. So his Eilsa was negative. Which doesn’t necessarily mean he’s in the clear since he was exposed to it so long ago.
Anyhow I asked my LLMD at my appointment what he thought and he asked if he were symptomatic, he’s not. Despite his prematurity he’s thriving. He runs, jumps, plays, knows his colors, numbers can spell dinner (for Chester). Basically a perfectly normal two year old in every way. The doctor told us of his colleague who has treatment Lyme in kids for 80 years and they don’t treat unless symptomatic. He doesn’t either. My naturopath may use herbs but she wouldn’t treat with abx either way since he’s so young. Also the doctor said he may have antibodies show up since he was exposed (like if your exposed to something like fifths) but may never have an issue. It’s such a hard choice. As of right now we must try to get him to eat right, take vitamins be healthy. We’ll definately be revisiting at some point soon after we can take a deep breath from all my garbage. Prayers he stays healthy please.

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