Outlook: not so good (doctors updates)

Anyone remember those magic 8 balls? Well, that’s what mine would say right about now. I’ll start with my cardiologist. Some of you may be curious after my face book post yesterday.. A flashback to a little over a year ago first. I was in the hospital after I lost the twins for the infection. (Read back to first entry if you want more clarification.) The nurses were all in a tizzy because of my low resting heart rate. I kept telling them “im a runner it’s like that”. I was in good running shape at the time. I was towards the end of training for my second half marathon at the time on the heels of pr’ing at the 10k (about 54min) and the 5k (about 26 minutes), I saw a second place age group finish at a local race. I was improving I was proud, I was in great shape…. But nonetheless got the pleasure of having an EKG done by a tech with booze on his breath. Finally after being woken up every twenty minutes by the nurses on the Saturday night crew I saw the cardiologist. Praise God he was a runner. He said my low heart rate was fine and even the variation in my heart rate was normal with an athlete. I was given the blessing of running my half in 4 weeks time. So when I met with a cardiologist for a check up I was too too worried.
We covered all the bases with a holter monitor, echo (think u/s of the heart) and a treadmill test. Yesterday walking in the Bakersfield office I was hoping to just check it of my to do list.. He says I’m great, fine, treadmill looks great, he’s not worried about any of it. Then almost an after thought says: “oh take it easy walk with the baby”. Huh. Didn’t he just tell me I was fine?! I’m not sure if it was him I was assuming I was younger or what or the runner piece but basically tells me I have a problematic irregular heart beat and I if anything may jog, no racing. Very mixed messages. My husband asked if there was a certain heart rate I should stay under and I think he mimed this panting motions. Said ya know like people who qualify for Boston with this don’t listen and die. There was a huge language barrier, he was Japanese…
So we do plan on getting a second opinion, getting it checked out after treatment (if I do plan on continuing),. Also I had noticed a reaction with my Singular (the only allergy medicine that works with my horrible allergies here ) and supplements. I would get a racing heart when I took it with/near supplements, I stopped it and noticed it had been better… So who knows. Just not at all what I needed to here. There’s part of me that says eff it I should just sigh up for the Vegas 5k this week, I wasn’t planning on being crazy during treatment anyway and the other part of me thinks I’m just waiting to die here.
My new LLMD (Lyme literate medical doctor) says he hasn’t lost of his 1000 Lyme patients…but the Lyme patients he had heard of dying this disease
have heart problems. According to Dr. I I do….or do I. My head spins….
I saw this doc, Dr.H last week in San Diego. We are doing a grey scale computer test with him (this measures if you’re been exposed to neurotoxins via mold or both. I have great fear on the mold piece as we live in a home that ran a swamp cooler prior to us living here. Also we’ll be doing a CD 57 test that measures my immune systems fight essentially, and a MSH (not the foggiest what that is. As far as treatment he wants me on Omncef, Paquinil and Zithromax (although I was leery of this one before and now for sure I will be not doing this one for the heart reason). Coupling that with two different types of probiotics.
I am still seeing my naturopath Dr.N as well. She has me on smilax, zendrocrin soft gels for detox support, and cinnamon eo. (Pretty sure I herxed from the cinnamon). A herx is your bodies response to the a-hole Lyme bugs dying. Also we were to add on guard plus for another anti microbial. I also take grape seed extract for a cyst buster. (Lymes a tricky bitch who likes to change forms. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with a doc that didn’t do exams and wanted a new change of perspective that’s why I added dr.h. But I originally didn’t do abx with her because I had a girls weekend planned and wanted to hold off. Her plan was vastly different from dr.h so I’m perplexed. Would love insight on this, Bueller?? Her thoughts on meds were minocyline, tinidazole and bicillin (injected and pulsed). My head spins.
Next up is the neurologist. I was on tap for an MRI but they scheduled with contrast (dye) but that wasn’t good for a Lymie, they got but hurt and wouldn’t do without. It’s been 4 weeks. This is after they told me a tongue bite in my sleep may have been a seizure…awesome. My only hope is that this guy had ridgecrest-itis….(for you out of towners not great medical care here…)
I’m so sick of bad news: “You’re baby(ies) no longer have heartbeats, that white spot on your throat may be cancer (it wasn’t thank God), that mole looks suspicious, you may have had a seizure, you have Lyme, you’re heart isn’t 100 percent. How much more can I take really?? Every time I pick myself back up I get kicked in the face. Am I living or just existing?.. I think the latter….

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