Is Namaste like Aloha??

imageMy love affair with yoga began shortly after 911. The world was in a state of despair, uncertainty. My best friend informed me he was no longer going to go

to law schools but that he wanted to become a Marine instead… With all that I developed crazy anxiety, couldn’t sleep. When it’s time for a new semester I came across a yoga class in the course catalogue:  “Hatha 2.0”, never took 1 but whatever lets go all in, this notion of taking a yoga class was a crazy one anyway. I went in skeptical, left with the ability to BREATH. My body and spirit were challenged in a good way. My anxiety was all but gone. Kept up an almost daily

practice after that

A few years later while teaching (a kindergarten classes in Boston) I got side part time job at Equinox, a trendy fitness club in the Back Bay Area. Thiimagenk top of the line classes and equipment, celebrities frequented. I once took a spin class with Hillary Swank.   

way I made a couple of good friends and attended a yoga class regularly. Julia was the name of the Anusara “flowing with grace”yoga class.  There I learned how to kick up into my first supported handstand but most importantly how to connect yoga to my life, every day life. I learned that a class full of twists is a good way to ring out stress and tension. I loved that class. I got the little bug there that I’d love to teach a children’s yoga. I had experience in the education field, how perfect. I could never teach an adults class though, way too intimated….

I later moved to NC to be with my best friend (remember that no longer wanted to be a lawyer guy, well surprise we were in love). Anyhow we got married after his first deployment. Stress came back with upcoming deployments, trainings, not knowing a soul. I discovered Porters Neck Yoga spa aka heaven on earth. It’s run by two fabulous twins and offers an array of classes by amazing teachers. I started attending classes, slowly becoming a regular, practicing up to 5 days a week. Yuna, Dana, Kas, Moni, Catherine, Larry, Maria, Kim, Melinda, Jess and others my lyme brain may have forgotten all taught me so much and offered me a place of refuge. Sometimes on bad weeks those 90 minute classes were the only good 90 minutes in my day.  I started to think hey maybe I wanted to teach after all,maybe I could do this… 

I took my teacher training in the spring of 2011. Words cannot cover the amazing nice. Every long weekend was a retreat of learning and love. Jeremy,Michelle, Chrissy and Katie were in my class and will always hold a special place in my heart. The twins taught us history and origins of yoga, reflexology, Thai massage, vegetarian cooking, we had an anatomy class taught by Diane a chiropractor. It was wonderful. The week were due to graduate I suffered the loss of my first pregnancy. We were due to teach our first class at a little charity event the studio puts on. I had nothing to give in that grief. I went to mass that morning and it struck me I had to be there. I rushed the hour drive down to the studio from church and made it just in time for Jeremy’s class. I’ll never forget taking flight for the first time in crow in that class. It was a bitter sweet day for me (mothers day by the way) but now years later holds more of that sweet. I hated having to move away from this studio. I had started teaching that summer both there and at a local beach but the military says go so we did about a year later.

When we first moved out here there were no studios or large gyms that offered classes. One day I saw a coming soon “inshape” . I quickly looked up corporates information, contacted them and got myself an audition. A few months later I started teaching both an adults evening class and children’s class. It’s different teaching in a gym setting. I’ve learned though it’s a great blessing, an honor to be someone’s first glimpse into this wonderful world. I’ve had the opportunity to gather regulars (who me??) who show up week after week take flight in arm balance for the first time or blossom into a full wheel with a big grin on their face because they never though such things were possible. I’ve seen stressed out faces leave my class with peace. I can remember in my teacher training being told after so many classes you find your voice. I found my voice here, I found my style. It developed into this Hatha hodgepodge. We’ve done chakra series, an 8 limbs of yoga series, they’ve endured my wide range in music (think casting crowns, to mc yogi, to drop kick Murphy’s). I love my class. The kids are of course amazing, but I don’t think I have enough tissues to go on about them. I work with an amazing group fitness team who have been nothing but supportive. But sadly I must leave these classes.

Physically I can do it most days, emotionally it’s great for me and mentally it’s a good brain booster but juggling doctors appointments, and having the worst luck ever with baby sitters (think seen on a Lifetime movie) it’s taking away from my healing. I’ll be there an hopefully the newer studio to sub but just not on a regular basis while I’m in the beginning if treatment. 

So a big huge NAMASTE to yo all. I’ll see you on the mat, just may be besides yours not in front of…

Some acre yoga during our teacher training on Wrightsville beach.
Some acre yoga during our teacher training on Wrightsville beach.
My yoga peeps
My yoga peeps

One of our fearless leaders
One of our fearless leaders

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